PITAGONE Certified Barriers
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Our dedication to crowd protection and event safety is unrivalled.

PITAGONE is always searching for the best, innovative ways of keeping sites secure.

PITAGONE Mobile Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (MHVM) services offer the latest technologies to all our clients.

Vehicles used as weapons are unfortunately an increasing threat to public spaces and large-scale events alike.

In most cases, permanent solutions to these threats aren’t necessary – clients are rather looking for robust, effective and rapidly deployable temporary options instead.

At PITAGONE’s, we’ve always been committed to enabling people to gather safely.

MHVM is the latest frontline in this effort, and we’re proud to offer the most reliable equipment.

Sometimes, safety relies on time and speed of action. Our rapid response services are attuned directly to those situations in which help is needed quickly.

PITAGONE barriers offer visible security to events and sites that need to keep the crowd safe.

When we’re called on to act quickly, our expert staff will deploy the equipment and manpower necessary to meet your needs.

We keep our own equipment in our own storage facilities in order to be in complete control of delivery and deployment.

If you need MHVM urgently, you need to talk to us.

We’ll secure your site, swiftly.